Your makeup as an endocrine disruptor.

I would consider myself an average make up user. I use light makeup; concealer, blush and mascara on days that I work, but for the most part I like to go raw. But it was not always like that. From my teenage years to my late twenties. I bought make-up and more make up. From Revlon to Clinique. It was not until later in medical school that my awareness arose.

Although realization was scary, it was empowering to know that something could be done. What’s the endocrine system responsible for?

I quickly learned, What is it not responsible for?” would be a more appropriate question. The endocrine system in our bodies is responsible for an array of functionalities.

To give examples, hormones are what regulate our menstrual cycles such as estrogen and progesterone, testosterone levels, Liptin levels ( hunger hormone), cortisol hormone ( stress hormone).

All of these hormones work in synchronization. The introduction of endocrine disrupters can create havoc on this synchronism and symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, PCOS, fatigue, fibromyalgia, brain fog, allergies, depression, blood sugar imbalances, among others.

Endocrine disruptors are synthetic or natural chemicals that can mimic hormones in our bodies. Interacting with our receptors in a negative way to lower or increase our own endogenous hormone production.

Most common endocrine disruptors: 

• Phalabates and Paragons are one of the most common additives used in fragrances.

• Ingredients such as acrylates in artificial nails, diethanolamine found in moisturizers, and phenylenediamine in hair dye can be the most detrimental to our health.

Many of these ingredients have been linked to cancer and as endocrine disruptors.

Our bodies are a beautiful machine that works to detox us from our internal and external environments. Our liver, kidneys and skin do a good job at keeping us healthy. So what is the problem?

The problem arises, because our bodies take in more toxins than it can eliminate, the toxins are compounded; and chronic illness becomes the payout. We have ways to help detox the bodies, through supplementation, hydrotherapy, and other manual modalities, chelation is necessary and lifestyle changes.

Speaking with a functional medicine doctor and learning about your environment is the best way to learn if your symptoms are being caused by an environmental overload.

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