Meet Dr. Sadi

Dr. Sadi Jimenez

Naturopathic Doctor | California

I am a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in the state of California. I came into medicine from a deep need to understand the human experience through the lens of health.

During naturopathic medical school I rotated through different medical systems and learned from different types of healers, and healthcare practitioners. Learning from conventional healthcare workers in community health clinics, from naturopathic elders, and oral healers in traditional medicine. They taught me that there is no separation of the mind and the body. What affects one affects the other. We must understand ourselves biochemically and mentally.

It is this philosophy that helped me in my own healing journey and continues to guide my practice.

I am trained in the management of pharmaceutical drugs, functional medicine testing in gentle and natural approaches such as lifestyle medicine, food therapy, herbal medicine, and stress reduction.

Diagnosing and treating patients with an integrative approach; combining conventional and alternative medicine to unmask the root cause of chronic disease.

How We Find Solutions

With my patients, I focus on whole health. 

Our bodies encompass a mental, physical and spiritual component; the harmony of all three creates health and maintains it.

We not only treat symptoms, but we address the underlying factors that have led to the manifestation of symptoms in the first place.

We do this by understanding your story (triumphs and challenges), gathering appropriate medical information, lab testing (conventional and functional testing), and implementing a plan that includes your priorities and goals. Our program will consist of botanical medicine, food therapy, lifestyle changes, conventional treatments, and supplements where appropriate.

Patients often come see me for different types of conditions including: 


• Weight gain during perimenopause 

• Hormone replacement therapy

• Testosterone therapy for men

• Anxiety 

• Depression

• Bloating 



• Constipation

• Post- COVID syndrome

• Sleep disturbances 

• Food sensitivity testing

• Female hormone testing 

• Microbiome Testing