Dr. Sadi Jimenez

Rolling with Health!

I am a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in the state of California. I came into medicine from a deep need to understand the human experience through the lens of health.

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Naturopathic doctor in California

I have had the privilege of experiencing and learning from conventional community clinics and traditional naturopathic healers alike. Through the years, my patients reaffirm this belief. I have learned that there is no separation of the mind and the body. What affects one affects the other. We must understand ourselves biochemically and mentally. I diagnose and treat patients with an integrative approach; combining conventional and alternative medicine to unmask the root cause of chronic symptoms. Using natural approaches, such as lifestyle medicine, food as therapy, herbal medicine, and stress reduction.

Whole Life
Optimization program
Bio-identical Hormone
Replacement Therapy

Living your best life doesn’t just happen by accident. It requires a powerful combination of healthy nutrition, daily movement, mental health, community, and proper supplementation to achieve optimal wellness.

And, we all need help along the way!

Yet, almost everyone needs help along the way. What makes the difference is having expert medical advice backed with the support and accountability of a health coach by your side.

With this in mind, Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Sadi Jimenez designed the Whole Life Optimization program.

The Whole Life Optimization program is customized to meet the needs of each individual, providing the medical and coaching expertise to achieve the best results possible.

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I highly recommend Dr. Sadi if you are looking for an excellent and caring Doctor of Naturopathy

Dr Sadi is both an incredible doctor and a caring human. She always takes the time to truly understand my needs and desires in my healing process and then makes recommendations accordingly. I highly recommend Dr. Sadi if you are looking for an excellent and caring Doctor of Naturopathy.

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I came in to see Dr. Sadi to reduce my knee pain, and to be able to walk and function better. Now I have been able to get out of prescription drugs that have so many secondary side effects. With natural medicine, I have control my blood sugar and my stomach problems. For the first time in years my last A1C test was 5.3


Very unique person with lots of knowledge and great with people! Dr Sadi is great….she has a lot of knowledge in many areas and can relate to men, women young and old. She makes you feel comfortable from the time you meet her till the time you leave . She is a good listener and always makes you feel at home. I would recommend her for just about any issue you might have and if she can’t fix your problem then she will know where to go .and steer you in the right direction. I think she’s great and you will too once you meet her… Very unique person with lots of knowledge and great with people!


Great Doctor!

JB Watson